Safety Labels Improve Workplace Safety

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Like most businesses, safety is probably at the top of the list of things you want to communicate to your employees, customers and suppliers. Sometimes a simple warning label on a piece of equipment is the most effective way to warn users of possible dangers. North American Decal produces a wide range of custom safety and warning labels for many potentially dangerous situations.

Potentially dangerous situations that require warning:
Safety and Warning Labels

  • Safety labels for hazardous materials/waste
  • Chemical warning labels
  • High voltage warning labels
  • Machine safety/warning labels
  • Occupational safety labels

No warning causes great danger

Having the right label is critical in preventing injury and illness, and it is also the law. WHMIS lists 'labels' as their number one criteria in providing information on hazardous materials. Suppliers must adhere to the governance of WHMIS and should check the guidelines to deem the appropriate level of warning necessary for all potential hazardous materials. The proper warning label can effectively prevent your business from being the victim of an accident and it's necessary to cover you in case a serious injury does occur. We can help improve your businesses' workplace safety through awareness and prevention. We produce safety and warning labels for indoor and outdoor use so that you can ensure safety in every potentially dangerous situation.

Safety & warning labels often used to prevent injury

  • Machine safety labels
  • Notice labels
  • Toxic ingredients warning
  • Hazardous materials
  • Choking hazard
  • Electrical hazard
  • Eye protection required

North American Decal is your partner in workplace safety

Quality is our number one goal and safety is yours. We've been leaders in the business for over 50 years and during that time we have continually provided durable and affordable safety labels, warning labels and decals for OEM. We serve businesses of all sizes and use an environmentally friendly production process.

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